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Respect & Protect Trees - Enforce Tree Laws - Reclaim Alain's Garden

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
Respect & Protect Trees - Enforce Tree Laws - Reclaim Alain's Garden


Why this is important

Neglected tree laws in Belgium

Are causing a decline in public health and a lack of respect for the natural environment.

Tree not only posses a wealth of intrinsic worth but also support all life on earth. Our failure to respect & protect trees on our planet mirrors our failure to respect & protect each other. If we don't not take NOW action and take a stand on tree rights NOW then the survival of the coming generation is in serious doubt.

This petition is aimed at the Prime Minister of Belgium so please sign & share it with your contacts and help change the way that people think about trees and the environment.

URGENT: Alain has recently been blackmailed by his neighbours who have demanded that he sell his garden to pay them money in compensation for refusing to cut down his trees. Please help Alain buy back his land. See here for more information:

Posted February 8, 2015
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