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Let the 'Joy Bells' ring against racism and xenophobia

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Let the 'Joy Bells' ring against racism and xenophobia


Why this is important

Raise a different voice in our world
In the summer of 2014, a fascist demonstration was organised in the area surrounding Västerås Cathedral in Sweden. As the rally began, the cathedral bells tolled loud and clear over the city, drowning out the sounds of hate and racism.
At a time when there is worldwide fear and disquiet, we will ring the Joy Bells of Waterford to peal a very different message, inviting communities at home and abroad to ring their bells on that day in protest and in hope.
An invitation is going out from the Joy Bells of Waterford to all churches with bells on this island, to young and old, wherever people gather publicly, to ring out the bells on March 19th .
Together, we hope to make a different sound: ·
ringing out hate and fear:
ringing in solidarity, truth and justice.
Make a loud noise that will hear our protest and our solidarity.
Dean Maria Jansson, Waterford

Posted February 2, 2017
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