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Local councils worldwide: Divert materials from landfill

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
Local councils worldwide: Divert materials from landfill


Why this is important

Local councils worldwide should use all means feasible to divert materials from landfill, e.g. sending them to reuse centres. This would help to reduce pressure on land, reduce methane emissions, reduce toxic materials leaching into the environment, and increase economic productivity. Examples of reducing waste include (but is certainly not limited to):
  • diverting kerbside waste from the landfill to reuse or recycling;
  • using publicly accessible fridges to store food waste, which has been implemented in Germany;
  • incentivising supermarkets to sell food at discounted rates rather than discard it;
  • using food waste as a feedstock for animals;
  • using inedible food waste for conversion into electricity, fertiliser and biofuel; and
  • encouraging the reduction of household and commercial food waste with compost bins, worm farms and organic food waste collection.
France made the move to ban large supermarkets wasting food, and other countries should do the same.
For more information about France's move, see here:‐bans‐large‐supermarkets‐wasting‐food/.

Please sign this petition calling on organisations and people worldwide to reduce waste. The petition particularly calls on governments, supermarkets, and other businesses producing valuable waste to stop usable materials being put in dumpsters. Supermarkets should instead be required to do something else, such as selling usable items at a lower price, giving them to charities, or turning materials into other useful outputs such as energy and fertiliser.

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Posted December 15, 2014
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