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Lower Ware's Bail, or Let him Go

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Lower Ware's Bail, or Let him Go


Why this is important

Charles Julani Ware is a young man (18) with upstanding character- he's performed in every school play and musical, is an incredible dancer, has unbelievable wit, and always manages to help his friends out- he's never committed a crime in his life.
However, he had been in contact with a girl who lied about her age not only online, but in person. Believing she was the age of consent, he received consensual, oral sex, on one occasion. Upon later finding out that she was truthfully eleven years old, he acted accordingly, and cut ties with her.
Once he had done so, she chose to contact authorities. His bail for what is considered a first degree sexual offense- statutory- is set at a massive $150,000- but is he truly a criminal? By no means does he deserve to carry the stigma of a sexual predator for the rest of his life, simply because he was lied to.

Posted November 4, 2013
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