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MEC Pemmy Majodina, Mayor Danny Jordaan : Leave Bayworld dolphin free.

MEC Pemmy Majodina, Mayor Danny Jordaan : Leave Bayworld dolphin free.


Why this is important

We call on you to leave Bayworld Dolphin free.

Around the world the public is becoming more aware of the inherent cruelty of of keeping dolphins and other marine mammals in captivity, and are refusing to support such marine parks. The reality is that this is just a circus in water, and therefore inherently cruel and morally reprehensible.

Regardless of where they come from, their future in a marine park,
“dolphinarium” or aquarium is grim. Life there bears little resemblance
to the life they have evolved to live in the open ocean.
Dolphins have incredible abilities to feel emotions, understand complex problems
and communicate in ways we can’t even imagine. Knowing how dynamic cetaceans are, keeping them in glorified bathtubs and forcing them to do tricks for food is insulting, inhumane and cruel. They would swim over 200kms daily, in the wild. They want and need to live in complex social groups.The mental, emotional and physical stress that captive whales and
dolphins suffer can weaken their immune systems and make them prone to
disease. Even though captive whales and dolphins are kept in an
environment free of predators, pollution and other threats, they die
young. Captive whale and dolphin shows are definitely not education, or conservation.
Stress and disturbing behaviour is common amongst dolphins displayed in

Please do the right thing. Leave the dolphins out of Bayworld.

Posted July 3, 2016
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