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Rescue the Animals of Louis Zoo

Rescue the Animals of Louis Zoo


Why this is important

The animals in the zoo have been in living in simply terrible conditions for decades. These conditions are not appropriate and it’s more like an animal prison. Many animals are injured and have diseases or are exhibiting stress conditions.

Brunei is a kingdom with an amazing biodiversity of flora and fauna. We want to support this zoo in improving to show Bruneians and the world the true beauty of animals in Brunei in better conditions.

Animals have feelings too, look at the photos and tell us if you think they should be kept in better conditions?

Louis Zoo for years have tried to upgrade but because of a lack funds and support this has not been possible. This is the chance for Brunei to support it and perhaps make it like a national zoo like Singapore has.

It will be good for tourism in Brunei too if they are in a better and bigger location. This could also open up other possibilities.

Want to see what conditions the animals are currently being kept under? Check this

Join Chrends where this all started and post your photos there too and view photos of animals suffering!

Posted August 9, 2014
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