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Matt Damon: Matt Damon end this non-sense

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Matt Damon: Matt Damon end this non-sense


Why this is important is legimizing ABInBev's practices to use scarce water resources to produce beer that is exported while locals in affected communities lack water to grow food. 286 liters of water are needed to produce 1 liter of beer.

In Mexikali Valley, people are protesting because ABInBev, through his brand Corona, uses the water to produce beer for export while the valley is drying out and people lack water to grow food. Corona is building a new factory, that will daily produce 4000 bottles of beer. That means at least 286 000 liters of water/day.

Matt Damon is a co-founder of - a charity operating in 13 countries, providing people with access to water. partnered with Stella Artois (another brand of ABInBev) in a campaign "Buy Lady a Drink" to fundraise money in order to provide women with access to clean water. The irony is, that ABInBev is having beer breweries in 9 of those 13 countries meaning that it is using much more water than it provides.

It is hard to believe that Matt Damon would lend his name and his philantropic intentions to cover ABInBev's practices that put profit over Human Rights (to water).

Posted March 21, 2018
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