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Say "No" to Skyscrapers in Paris!

Say "No" to Skyscrapers in Paris!


Why this is important

Dear friends,

The Paris City Council voted to build skyscrapers that will blight the city's historic skyline. We can stop them now. Paris is the most visited city on earth, and it belongs to the world. Yet an earlier Paris City Council voted to allow skyscrapers and let the city of light and of romance be vandalized by giant ugly towers. Do Parisians want these skyscrapers? No! Polls show 63% against. We must act now! Sign the emergency petition now!

We know we can get this decision reversed. When the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, approved a 100-story tower that would have blighted that city's horizon, worldwide outrage finally prompted the country’s president to stop it. When Venice wanted to accept Pierre Cardin's proposal to build a skyscraper that would have blighted the historic city’s skyline, again the world protested, and the municipal government reversed its decision. Naturally, developers and star architects want Paris to build bigger and flashier buildings. But insider allies say a massive show of worldwide opposition will defeat skyscrapers in Paris and restore the traditional height limits. That opposition must gather now!

We have no time to lose -- work on one 40-story tower has already begun. Sign the emergency petition now!

Are these skyscrapers for housing? No, they are for offices and a courthouse. Are they needed? Absolutely not. Will they produce jobs? No, once they are built, they cannot produce jobs. Will Paris turn into a "museum city" without skyscrapers? Nonsense! Paris is one of the liveliest cities on earth. Even world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster says, "Paris does not need towers." And Parisians strongly oppose the towers. See the INFORMATION below for more details about these catastrophic decisions.

SOS Paris and other Parisian organizations demonstrated three times last year at the site for the so-called Tour Triangle. This monstrous pointy 48-story building will tower over the six- and eight-story buildings of Paris, right in the line of sight of the Eiffel Tower. The developer and the star architect have proved that this skyscraper is unneeded, because they have repeatedly changed the announced use, finally deciding on offices. But in fact, Paris has millions of square feet of unused office space. Let's stand with the people of Paris. The City Council just voted against this tower, but skyscraper proponents are challenging the vote in court. Let's support Parisians and oppose these unwanted towers and sign the petition now!

We cannot leave the beauty of the world's most beautiful city in the hands of developers, star architects, and the politicians who support them.

Let’s build a global buzz calling for Paris to re-commit to preserving its historic skyline. Paris should not try to imitate London, New York or Dubai. Sign the petition now!

With hope,

Mary, Leonard, and the rest of the Americans for the Preservation of Paris team


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Posted September 23, 2014
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