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Maxim's Restaurants in Hong Kong: Please STOP Selling Unsustainable Shark Fin!

Maxim's Restaurants in Hong Kong: Please STOP Selling Unsustainable Shark Fin!


Why this is important

Maxim's is Hong Kong's largest restaurant group, with over 70 outlets in the city still serving shark fin soup.

The company has been resisting calls to drop shark fin soup from their set menus, ignoring the will of many good Hong Kong people who are against this cruel and unsustainable tradition.

Maxim's claim they only serve shark fin soup made from blue sharks, but according to recent scientific evidence, blue shark populations around the world are being wiped out by greedy overfishing.

Is Maxim's going to wait until blue sharks go extinct before it admits that there is a problem?

Maxim's has a firm responsibility to end this practice to save sharks and the marine environment by immediately removing shark fin from all its menus, especially its set menus. Just as Hong Kong consumers have a responsibility to stop eating shark fin, restaurant groups like Maxim's also have an equal responsibility to stop selling it.

These are the reasons why fifty activists protested en masse outside Maxim's flagship restaurant at City Hall in Hong Kong's Central District on 10 June 2017.


If you feel as strongly about this issue as we do, please send the decision makers an e‐mail to tell them what you think:‐

Mr Michael Wu, CEO Maxim's Caterer's Limited
([email protected])

Mr Ben Keswick, CEO Jardine Matheson Group
([email protected])

Mr Graham Allan, CEO Dairy Farm
([email protected]‐

Posted May 2, 2017
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