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Save Tarwyn Park

Save Tarwyn Park


Why this is important

Tarwyn Park had become dry, barren, salty and eroded. It had once bred the famous dual Melbourne Cup winner Rain Lover (1968 & 69). Thanks to Peter Andrews' OAM radical changes, Tarwyn Park is now green, with water through the summer and frost tolerant in winter. Fertilizers and chemicals are not used, yet the soil is richer. Salinity has decreased and erosion stabilized. Peter Andrews regenerated and saved Tarwyn Park ‐‐ at great personal cost ‐‐ but to no avail, the Andrews family have been forced to sell to mining giant Kepco and now, Tarwyn Park is destined to become an open cut coalmine. Tarwyn Park is a model for how we can change the Australian landscape for the better. Don't let them literally rip the guts out of Tarwyn Park. Those who care about Tarwyn Park, its heritage, and the future of Australia have one last chance to "Save Tarwyn Park" ‐‐ by giving it a heritage listing. Please sign and share this petition.

"When I saw the plans... there was an open cut mine right in the middle of Tarwyn Park." ‐ Stuart Andrews.

Dear Visitor, please sign this petition, share with your friends and ask them to do the same.

Please read:‐park‐jumps‐first‐hurdle‐towards‐state‐heritage‐listing/

Posted May 17, 2015
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