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Stop preventable harm and promote Patient Safety across Europe

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Stop preventable harm and promote Patient Safety across Europe


Why this is important

Patient safety is milestone of quality of care.

READ the PETITION for patient safety

Patient harm is the 14th leading cause of the global disease burden, a threat to human health alike tuberculosis and malaria.

European Commission:
On any given day 1 in 18 patients in European hospitals have at least one healthcare associated infection. Every year an estimated 4.1 million patients acquire a healthcare associated infection in the EU, and at least 37,000 die as a result.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:
in Europe 1 out of 10 hospitalized patients experienced an adverse event during their care. Over 8% of patients staying in an intensive care unit contract at least one healthcare associated infection under surveillance.

Those harms are preventable! Effective patient safety strategies could prevent more than 750 000 harm‐inflicting medical errors per year in the European Union alone!

We need to act now to stop preventable harm.

Our governments must protect what matters most to everyone in Europe: our health and the health of our loved ones.

We demand smarter healthcare systems with reliable patient safety practices and standards to provide sustainable and safe care to all citizens.

Sing the CALLS for ACTION to our Ministers of Health to:
  1. Foster citizen awareness & patient empowerment
  2. Promote a blame‐free safety culture
  3. Improve risk prevention to minimise adverse events
  4. Ensure effective surveillance systems and data availability
  5. Guarantee the right to personalised treatment
  6. Respect the right to information
  7. Uptake evidence‐based medicines and technologies
  8. Provide smarter and safer healthcare systems through eHealth solutions
  9. Protect personal data
  10. Increase resources for healthcare staffing
READ the PETITION for patient safety

Posted April 5, 2018
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