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National Geographic, Pull your episode: "America The Wild: Monster Wolf" down

National Geographic, Pull your episode: "America The Wild: Monster Wolf" down


Why this is important

This is sensationalist media at its worst.
Considering what the USA wolf activists are dealing with currently, with the misguided decision by the USFWS, led by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, and Dan Ashe, to delist the American Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species Act, the release of this video by National Geographic is an outrage.
We ask you, National Geographic, to pull this episode immediately.
If you do not, you will be complicit in the mass, false hysteria that contributes to the willingness to hunt and kill wolves to the point of extinction.

Where is your sense of social responsibility?
Do you not hold yourselves to higher standards?
This episode is biased, sensationalist, and an unfair and unjust representation of wild wolves.
Combining wolf hybrid bred dogs to be portrayed as monsters has no place to be coupled with the current assault on wolves in the wild.
Hybrid bred wolf dogs are a separate issue, and should not be confused with wild wolves, who are in the fight of their lives, a fight embroiled by politics in the USA entrenched in ranching interests.
Please, National Geographic, pull this episode from view.
You owe the wild wolves, the wolf hybrid dogs, the viewing public, and yourselves no less than to promote a truth that is not biased.

America The Wild: Monster Wolf ( Full Episode)

Posted October 7, 2013
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