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No bootloader lock on Intel based android devices

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No bootloader lock on Intel based android devices


Why this is important

Companies such as LAVA XOLO, do not allow customers to have full freedom of hardware and software. They have restricted us not to unlock the bootloader. Devices such as XOLO X900 and XOLO X1000. They do not provide software updates for the devices with software is becoming more obsolete, the devices become vulnerable to attacks as we know that these kind of devices are well connected to internet all the time.

What all we need is a bootloader unlock on all intel based android devices, so that the user has full control of the hardware and software. Which helps users to install customized and secure customized rom such as cyanogenmod etc, which again requires partial technical assistance from the chip manufacturers and vendors. Lava international - XOLO, has its own R&D department and fails to respond to similar user requests ignores their request. We need value for money.

Just have a look at this,

Posted October 12, 2013
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