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No to coal power plants in Mauritius!

No to coal power plants in Mauritius!


Why this is important

Citizens of the world, the government of Mauritius intends to incorporate coal power plants on the island to meet increasing energy demands.

This goes against all the fundamental principles of a sustainable future laid by our own government in the "Maurice Ile Durable" concept, which advocates the input of Social, Environmental and Economic factors without compromising future generations. Operating power plants would not only produce energy but also increase rates of disease (due to gaseous emissions), affect marine, wildlife and pollute freshwater streams. This will lead to further deterioration of our already depleted lagoons and heritage. Considering feasible green energy alternatives, this project poses by far too much of a risk for the community and the people.

We call on your voice and influence to save our country from environmental and social degradation!

Posted July 19, 2012
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