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Obama Resign

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Obama Resign


Why this is important

October 14, 2013
An open letter to the Hon. US Rep

Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

Chair of the Democratic National Committee;

to Congress, and to President Obama:

See the Facebook group "Obama Resign"
This group could actually be considered a PRO-OBAMA group.
Posts which are rabidly and unreasonably against Obama
don't make it onto this site; however he is poked fun at
in Gridiron style.
The truly anti-Obama groups are not only those who are
for impeachment or treason trial of Obama, but ALSO those
who blunderingly assert that "Obama can do no wrong, etc."
and that anyone who criticizes Obama must be a
tool of the arch-conservatives, or a capitalist running-dog.
This is because for Obama, his destiny will be much worse
if he holds on desperately. His legacy of stubbornness
will be zero positive and much negative; but his legacy
of yielding graciously to necessity for the greater good
could be magnificent. While he still has a chance, it is
better for him and his legislative agenda if he were to
resign voluntarily now. Republicans, if they are trying
to "block" Obama, are only reacting to the Administration's
own intransigence. After all, the same Republican forces
as of October 14, 1997 were NOT blocking Clinton's
agenda - Clinton was enabling and assisting the balanced
budget legislation of the Republicans and other aspects
of the Contract for America. (Source: the book
"Bill Clinton ... Great Expectations", by Nigel Hamilton.)
Congress has the RIGHT to have an agenda; the
Constitution mandates, for example, that "all bills for
raising revenue shall originate in the House" and that
"Congress", not the President, shall have the right to
declare war. Obama has blocked Congress. His lobbyists
recently quashed the Amash Amendment with the worst
arm-twisting seen since Lyndon Johnson.
Obama can resign now, and be
re-appointed Vice President later on, in this process:
NOW: Obama resigns, Joe Biden becomes President,
Biden appoints John Kerry as Vice President and Obama
as Secretary of State. Biden fires Eric Holder,
fires Keith Brian Alexander, and fires the
US Pardon Attorney, appointing Don Bailey
as US Attorney General, the Hon. US Rep. Justin Amash
as head of the NSA to replace Alexander,
and Don Siegelman as US Pardon Attorney.
Mid - 2014:
Biden resigns; Kerry becomes President, and
US Senator Jeff Merkley is appointed Vice-President.
Early to mid 2015:
Kerry resigns, Jeff Merkley becomes President, and
Robert S. Ford becomes Secretary of State.
Obama is appointed Vice-President by President Merkley.
Early to mid 2016
Jeff Merkley resigns, and Obama becomes President,
whereupon Joe Biden is appointed Vice President.
The President and Vice President finish out their
second elected term, with a slew of overdue pardons
now granted, with the NSA disbanded as an agency
which spies on Americans, and with international
confidence in the USA restored (as well as faith in
justice here at home).
I think that leading Democratic politicians can trust
each other enough to enable such a plan to be carried
out. People in other countries will actually stop despising
this Administration, and begin to admire it, if the above
plan is carried out - because in any other true democracy,
this game of musical chairs at the top would be the most
likely result of any similar series of debacles occurring
within a short period of time. Even in Russia, which is
today more democratic than the United States is despite
the allegations in our press of the poor human rights
record of Vladimir Putin (Obama's is far worse) or in
China, which has the shadow of democracy accompanying
the form of tyranny to the point where the shadow is
becoming more real than the substance; no Administration
would have stubbornly held on in the midst of scandals
and wholesale breaches of trust anywhere near what
this Administration has been involved in.
If Obama cannot place the necessary degree of trust in
his former Senate colleagues and compatriots to enable
this plan for the salvation of his Administration to be carried
out, then he was never worthy to be President in the first
place, and he will in due course be impeached, at great
cost to him, his family, the Democratic Party, America
and the world.
I am not necessarily "blaming" Obama for this
Syrian debacle, this NSA spying, the refusal of his
Administration to grant meaningful pardons to restore
justice, or the entire range of bureaucratic incompetence,
continual security paranoia past the realm of reason
and administrative arrogance in Washington today.
The Federal Government is simply too big for Obama or
anyone else to manage effectively.
Obama has made some good appointments, however his
record as an administrator of the Executive Branch of
the Federal Government of the United States is one of
failure. His pointing the finger at Congress is not
well-taken. Obama has been his own worst obstructor.
The size of the Federal Government needs to be
reduced immediately and boldly and in a way
which reduced taxes and restores the credit of
the United States to top-notch status.
Only Congress can do it - and none of these problems
will be addressed by this Administration, until the changes
which I have suggested are implemented; because of the
way in which Obama has been insulated and deceived.
We need fresh leadership at the top and we cannot
wait until January 20, 2017 to have it. The needs of
the nation, the pressing needs of victims of injustice
perpetrated by Government agencies and criminals
in Government, and the credit of the United States
will not withstand a waiting period of three years
and three months. Events make it obvious that
we need fresh leadership at the top NOW.
I believe these changes can be brought about
gradually, and primarily where needed, in a manner
which reflects the will of the people as expressed
in the more or less honest election results of 2012.
The creeping military coup by the NSA has been a
condition which has overturned any true expression
of the will of the people - not only election returns,
but petitions, letters to Congress, voicemails and
e-mails and protests to Congress, and especially
brave Americans who have risked their lives,
their fortunes and their sacred honor to tell
Government that this reign of terror perpetrated
under the bogus guise of fighting terror must end.
As long as Obama continues his second term as-is,
this creeping military coup will continue uncontested.
The Vice President and the leaders of Congress must
activate the Twenty Fifth Amendment or some similar
process to bring about an Obama resignation NOW,
to ensure that we have a President who is able to
carry out the powers and duties of his office,
to faithfully execute the office of the Presidency,
and to fulfill to the letter the Oath of Office.
This cannot be done under the current coup regime including
General Alexander, Attorney General Holder, and the
Homeland Security apparatchiks, The restoration of
American democracy is incompatible with the Guantanamo
Mentality which has been spawned by the past
Administration and worsened by the one we have now.
Obama is certainly competent to become Secretary of
State now. In that position, he can focus on meeting
people in other countries and broadening his perspective
past that of the insulated and coup-dominated Oval Office
environment. The NSA controls well over 90% of the
communications in the United States, and that is a situation
which must impel Congress to act. Indeed, it is a situation
which does not benefit Congress. It is much more difficult
for Congress to do business in the context of the American
Uprising of 2013 than during normal times.
We are in the midst of the American Uprising of 2013,
and the Administration, the mass media, Congress
and the courts at all levels must respond in a manner
which is appropriate and which ends the unsympathetic
attitude in Washington and in all our State capitals toward
the American people. The overweening, insulated, secretive
sympathy toward the NSA and its foreign ally, the insidious
anti-Semitism-promoting aggressionocracy of Benjamin
Netanyahu is not only oppressive toward the United States;
it is bound to provoke unprecedented anti-Semitism in the
United States. The cloying attitude in Congress that Israel
can do no wrong must end, and the attitude of the Israeli
Government that no one in America should be permitted
to speak independently without penalty from their forces,
must end; as of now: because to every action, there is
an equal and opposite reaction. The Department of
Homeland Security, and the US Department of Education
both should be defunded and abolished as soon as possible -
one, as an umbrella agency which fosters unprecedented
corruption by eliminating adversariality among agencies,
and the second, which should be eliminated completely
and without any replacement mechanism. We don't need
any US Department of Education, or its "thought control".
Government should leave education alone, all in all.
Foreign aid toward Egypt has been cut. The Egyptian government
is going to turn to Russia for a reliable alliance. Because
of the mistakes of this "security-driven" Administration,
NATO has been dispelled - not by Russia, but by this
Administration's lack of credibility and shattering of trust.
Ideally, foreign aid should be ended completely, but as a
practical matter foreign aid curtailments must not be a
shock to the recipient country. The Administration's
misguided, feminist-dominated, fumbling policies in
Egypt have caused violence and have erased 35 years of
painstaking diplomacy. Obama has trusted the wrong people in
foreign policy, and appointed the wrong people to high positions
of trust and advice in foreign policy. The President might have
been better off without all this "expert" advice. For now,
foreign policy is in a heap of ruins, as far as the United
States is concerned. Advances in diplomacy, in security
alliances, and in the perimeter of American freedom which
took decades to build have now completely evaporated off
the face of the earth, both at home and abroad. For all his
cavailling about Republicans, President Obama has now
achieved a new American isolationism more reactionary
than that of Senator Henry Cabot Lodge as opposed to
Wilson's blueprint for the League of Nations.
Due to "security measures", American troops on the front
lines in Afghanistan and other places are fighting for a
Constitution which they know has been suspended, and
for an American freedom which does not exist at this time.
No Government can ask people to do this, and expect any
positive or beneficial outcome from warfare. The American
participation in all international warfare must immediately
end and freedom must be restored at home, before this
country has any capability on the battlefield or any
credibility in terms of any ultimatum or negotiation.
Only 3.8% of the American people are truly free right now,
which is half the degree of freedom Americans had in 1770
prior to the American Revolution, and about one-third the
degree of freedom Americans had at the end of 2010, at
a time when freedom was already more corralled in our country
than at any point since the dawning days of the
American Revolution.
We need to spend much less on security in order to obtain more.
We need to recognize that Government does not have
all the answers for education, and that Government
should back off and allow teachers more academic
freedom and the full range of Constitutional rights,
including protection from taxation and defamation.
And we need a Government which stops insisting that
prosecutors are always right, Israel is always right,
corrupt judges who disregard the Constitution are
always right, vote-buying policies are always right,
destruction of the rights of innocent and relatively
innocent American citizens is always right, and that
the American people can be snidely disregarded in
our aspirations and expressions of political will,
with impunity by lawmakers, courts, the entire
legal profession, and the Executive Branch.
The only time the Government regards Americans
in general as "right" is when we pay taxes, or when
in particularly heinous cases we are forced to submit
to a level of tyranny unprecedented in our land,
and which we would not tolerate if it were inflicted
by any other Government of any other country on
their people. But then, you disregard our plight.
It is high time we, the people of the United States
get some high representation for the high taxes
we have been paying in every form. The bill for
that high representation has come due now, and
it must be paid by the 25th Amendment.
Right now, we need both parties to stop insisting
that you are both always right*, within your coalitionary
self-righteousness and cronyism. We, the people
of the United States need the Republicans and the
Democrats to build a consensus based on mutual
self-respect and negotiations conducted with
sincerity and in the absence of the tactics of
bluster and intimidation. Not only that, but the
two "major" parties must also be more inclusive
toward the voices of minor parties, disincluded
NGOs, and others, in building a consensus which
is useful and enduring. The President must now
take the long-range view with respect to his
agenda; he must yield now on some points
in order to avoid losing across the board.
Congress is not a rubber-stamp, and is not
meant to be. The President must work with
the House of Representatives, not against them,
and ask them what they want, and give it to them.
It is not a "surrender" for the President to work
with the elected representatives of the American
people, who were elected at the same time and
in the same way he was. Indeed, if the President
continues to insist that he only is right, and that
everyone has to listen to him and only him, he
will be surrendering to impeachment proceedings
within the year. If he wishes to avoid surrender,
he must resign now and trust in God and his
fellow former colleagues in the Senate that he
will be vindicated in due course - but in the meantime
there are many of us who must also be vindicated
by a restoration of the Constitution and the rule
of law in the USA.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877
* I saw the Senator Sanders implication of the Koch Brothers
in the shutdown context. It's bigger than just that, it's more
than the so-called "Tea Party" faction. Look at the NSA
manipulation of BOTH parties for the true cause of this
shutdown. The NSA benefits immeasurably from this
shutdown. They have both motive and opportunity to
perpetrate this massive crime. They control over 90%
of the flow of information to, from and within Congress.
They are neither "national", nor do they have anything to
do with protecting our "security", nor are they an "agency".
They are a spyware military coup which we, the people of the
United States, should not tolerate for one more day.

Posted October 14, 2013
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