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Stop the Tua River Dam (Parar a barragem do Tua)

Stop the Tua River Dam (Parar a barragem do Tua)


Why this is important

In May 2012, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, asked the Portuguese government to stop the construction of the hidroelectric dam at the mouth of the Portuguese River Tua. Its construction threatens the classified area of the Alto Douro Wine Region ... but the Portuguese government is still defending the impossible - that the dam can be made compatible with the World heritage landscape.

The Tua Dam will be visited by delegation of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in the week of 30th July 2012 Let's say to Portuguese Parliament and the UNESCO World Heritage Committee that we are against the construction of this dam, which in addition to adversely affecting the our world cultural and natural heritage, will cause the cost per kWh of electrical energy production to be more than twice the current average cost of production, five times greater than just reinforcement of existing dams and twelve times greater than the implementation of measures for energy efficiency. Several new dams such as this one could imply a 10% increase in electricity bills of Portuguese families! The only ones benefiting from this are EDP (the biggest Portuguese energy corporation) and its managers.

We have no time to lose, please help us to spread and sign the petition BEFORE the 29th july to stop the dam and save the river Tua, its natural environment and our common heritage (yes its yours too - its world heritage after all! ). Its vital to spread the word outside Portugal as international attention can make a huge difference! We will deliver the petition to the UNESCO committee when they are here.

Posted May 17, 2012
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