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Peterborough City Council: Stop the Sale of PDI

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
Peterborough City Council: Stop the Sale of PDI


Why this is important


  • Peterborough Distribution Inc. (PDI) is a well run public asset owned by the citizens of Peterborough
  • There is considerable citizen opposition to the sale of PDI to Hydro One and distrust of the current evaluation process
  • The public is not aware of long term benefits of the sale of PDI that would justify the loss of local control
  • Loss of local control will make it more difficult to implement changes to the energy system which will increase local resilience, and which will be required to address climate change
  • The public is not aware that any other alternatives to the sale to Hydro One have been explored

We the undersigned citizens of Peterborough City and County who are served by PDI call upon Peterborough City Council to halt the sale of PDI. We call for the formation of a joint committee of Councillors, Citizens, and PDI officials to examine alternatives to the sale of PDI, to design and conduct the remaining consultation process, and to monitor the resulting impacts on the economy and energy security of Peterborough County.

Posted June 27, 2016
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