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President Barack Obama: Declare the Shrines of Sayeda Zainab(A.S) and Bibi Sakina(A.S) as "No-War"

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President Barack Obama: Declare the Shrines of Sayeda Zainab(A.S) and Bibi Sakina(A.S) as "No-War"


Why this is important

The fight in Syria has unfortunately bought forces who fight on the grounds of religious beliefs to the country, which means that aside from the people that they attack, they are also attacking religious sites within Syria, which is why people of those beliefs who would like to protect those shrines are being pulled in to a war that they do not want to be a part of.

To stop this, America as an ever responsible country needs to step in and protect these shrines and declare them as no-war zones, so that people of Syria do not intervene especially when they do not want to, which I well and truly believe that nobody should do as a responsible citizen of this world.

Peace can be reached when we have mutual respect for each others beliefs and when we protect and give freedom to each other to do things that are acceptable in the global society like being a Christian or a Shia or a Sunni or an atheist for that matter and being able to go to the Church or a Shrine and pray the way we want to, we do not need radicalists slaying people for what they believe is their religion and wanting to enforce that on others. We need to let people do what they want to do instead of killing them over beliefs, I know the world's better than that.

Let's build a world that is full of love and care, we can achieve this with peace and opening trade throughout the world, to help rebuild countries like Syria whose people need it so much. Allow volunteers to come to Syria and teach the children, bring business to the men and women, eventually bringing with us a democracy, for which we need people like the Jihadis to back off religious shrines and allow us the safety to help Syrians.

Posted December 15, 2013
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