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Ban declawing in America

Ban declawing in America


Why this is important

Why declawing should be ban in America?

1. Vets lie or don't know the health rask

2 Like the picture show above .Cat's bone toe is removed with claw causing tension from weight bearing on paws and legs.

3 Electric , sharp nerve pain Arthritis

5 Aggressive or depression

6 Uti's /urinary tract infection

7 Reject litter box cause of pain8 Infection from litter box

9 Aggression toward humans and other animals

10 Half the cats that are in shelters have been declawed

11 Cause swelling , bleeding for days , cats have to relearn to walk, and declaw puts unnatural angle and double the pressure and pain.

Laser declawing is not much better. Whether it's done by laser or by scalpel, declawing is a painful procedure that removes the last joint of a cat's toes. The term "declawing," makes it sound gentler than it is. It really should be called digit amputation. There is no way to make this not be a painful surgery.

Besides the pain of the procedure itself, cats can suffer from complications long after they've healed. They may feel phantom pain in their missing toes, or develop neuromas, swelling on the nerves that were severed during the surgery. Also declawed cats often become moody and aggressive, and can turn to biting -- either because they're experiencing pain, or feel defenseless without claws, or both.

Ask your vet or research other ways to keep cats from clawing . Declaw cats use their fangs in replace of claws .

Also dogs scratch and dig too. So are you going to declaw your dog too?

Please share and sign petition to help future cats from the suffering of declawing. This list speak for it self.

If u like to write to the white house or your senator click here

If you like more information on laser declawing click here and here,d.b2I

Posted December 22, 2013
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