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Keep the fanatics out of the UN

Keep the fanatics out of the UN


Why this is important

Image: “Fanaticism kills women” – a photograph taken during one of Polish demonstrations

Ordo Iuris, a fanatical, right-wing Polish organisation that wants to jail women for having abortion has just been appointed the consultative status to the Economic and Social Council in the UN!

This is undoubtedly a massive setback to everything the UN had been championing in women’s rights for decades.
Ordo Iuris is known for being an author of the proposed abortion ban that led thousands of Polish women to street protests in October 2016, and their open disdain for fundamental values of dignity, equality and justice which are the roots of the United Nation’s system.

In order to apply for the consultative status Ordo Iuris had to present themselves as an organisation working to defend human rights, including women’s rights and gender equality. This is an outrageous lie as Ordo Iuris supports a total abortion ban, opposes gay marriages and other LGBT rights, and is against challenging violence on women.

Special consultative status at the ECOSOC means that they can influence UN meetings, documents and action plans. They could also try to use their special status for another attempt to set back women’s rights in Poland.

Ordo Iuris is a group of fanatical misogynists who are known to be linked to pseudo-religious, conservative international movements. They will try to use their radical ideology to change the present human rights system. We need to stand together to oppose the possibility that a group like this could have any influence on the UN. The UN should be an organisation responsible for defending our rights and not listening to people who question them. Signing this petition means supporting fight for the rights of Polish women.

Let’s join together in female solidarity -
Great Coalition for Equality and Choice, Poland

Posted June 6, 2017
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