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Professor C Karabus is reunited with his family

Professor C Karabus is reunited with his family


What and how we won!

After an ordeal of 9 months, the first 3 of which were in prison, Professor Karabus was declared innocent of all charges and released. This was not without heavy international pressure, a part of which was this petition. Thanks to everyone who helped to free Prof Karabus.

Why this is important

Professor Karabus, currently 77 years old, was arrested for manslaughter when in transit through Dubai. He is a senior paediatric specialist who headed Red Cross Childrens Hospital Oncology unit for many years. Apparently in 2002 while he was doing a locum in Sheik Kalifa's medical centre a patient died of leukaemia. Later in his absence he was "tried" and found guilty of manslaughter. He is sentenced to a period in prison without this ever being communicated to him. This is not justice. He was not given an opportunity to defend himself. Medical patients die, particularly when they have serious illnesses such as leukaemia.

Posted September 17, 2012
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