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Why this is important

The current National-led conservative government of John Key is arrogantly and ignorantly trampling over the rights of all New Zealanders in declaring that our nation is open to all as a mining and oil exploration paradise. Along with their secretive and hidden activities and agendas related to this, they are also engaged in further secretive actions related to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) which will destroy our national sovereignty. They want it, we the majority of the people do not!

In 1835, along with 11 other key Maori chiefs, my great-great grandfather, Patuone and great-great grand uncle, Tamati Waka Nene, signed Te Whakaputanga - The Declaration of Independence of the Independent Tribes of New Zealand. This is for Maori, the true founding document of our nation. Along with others, Patuone and Nene also signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840 which established a unique partnership between Maori and settlers and which was then conveniently and arrogantly ignored and trampled upon until 1975 by successive New Zealand governments. While the Waitangi Tribunal was set up to address long-standing grievances and claims and to assess compensation for what are irretrievable losses, it was and continues to be a long wait and painful journey for any semblance of justice and redress.

While there have been many claims about how internationally progressive New Zealand has been, recognising indigenous Maori, giving women the vote and setting up the welfare state first, there are also many myths and legends - total racial harmony between Maori and others and integration into New Zealand society; and the clean green, unpolluted image personified in 100% PureNZ - the authorities in New Zealand unfortunately have always been big on illusion, half-truths, secrecy, arrogance and smoke and mirrors.

Worse, the Key government cares nothing about the environment as it claims - the pristine Denniston Plateau with a unique, 40 million year old landscape and precious wild life it wants to turn into an open cast coal mine; our scenic coasts it wants as an oil exploration destination and other unique volcanic mountain landscapes as gold mines. If they get their way, we will become a toxic wasteland where nobody can live and nobody will want to visit. It will be the antithesis of all we want and stand for as a people!

In order to achieve its aims the New Zealand government is watering down environmental protections to make things easy for its corporate mates; it is the most secretive government we have ever had to suffer and it is criminalising legitimate protest. The parallels in world history are truly alarming and we need all concerned New Zealanders and all concerned international citizens to make a stand and stop this government in its tracks.

Posted November 8, 2013
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