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I was a victim, so I know first hand what goes on in Brazil. In the middle of the night, my newlywed husband and I were taken from our bed at gunpoint. Never charged with any crime we were held for 45 days until our family was able to raise the US dollar extortion fee that was required. Recently a young American woman was gang-raped in a hijacked tour van, a suspected auto thief was fatally shot by police even though he cowered and begged for his life. Police brutality goes on every single day. People disappear every single day. People a kidnapped every single day. Brazil ranks 7 in the world in homicide every year. Violence and corruption and Human Rights Violations must stop. A petition from around the globe will let Brazil know that we, Citizens of the World will no longer tolerate such abuse. Please sign this petition and send it to Human Rights Watch

Posted July 19, 2013
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