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Save Akalla Eko-odling (Urban Ecological Farm)

Save Akalla Eko-odling (Urban Ecological Farm)


Why this is important

We grow organically and use environmentally friendly farming tools and much handwork. The permaculture method is beneficial to the entire ecosystem, that is the earth, the plants, the people who work on the farm and the consumer.

Growing locally in Stockholm - good for everyone

To reduce carbon emissions in the transport of our products, we are focusing on catering to local consumers. People are welcome to buy the vegetables as well as contribute to growing them and self-picking. Locally produced vegetables benefit both parties, growers receive higher payment for the work, and consumers are offered a lower price compared to regular prices of organic vegetables in the shops.

Now the council has decided to give the rights to this plot to someone else, and ordered for the farm to be dismantled immediately. The councils motivation to act in this way are somewhat unclear, the future plan for the plot is also uncertain. The notice of dismantling has come very fast as the council representatives changed as the previous one whom was in favor of the urban farm was sacked, this could be because he gave permission for Climate Camp to set up their tents around the plot in 2012.

Posted March 12, 2013
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