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Save the Amur Leopards

Save the Amur Leopards


Why this is important

There are only 30 Amur Leopards left in the world. They are a Russian species of leopard, and are considered the rarest cat in the world. They are protected by non-government organisations, but the government is hardly making an effort to preserve the species. The main reason for the Leopard's decline is poaching. Humans are their primary threat; Trophy hunters strive to kill the leopards for their beautiful spotted fur coats, while subsistence hunters find the cats a nuisance because they hunt for sika deer and other prey which the hunters want. Farmers may shoot the cats for killing livestock. Annual fires, ignited by people to turn forests into land for farming, are probably the largest threat to leopard habitat. Many human-caused occurrences threaten the survival of the Amur Leopard, and the Russian Government should be doing more to preserve their existence.

Once we have reached 10,000 signers, we will send the petition to the Russian Government.

You can "adopt" an Amur Leopard at WWF


to help protect the Amur Leopards from extinction.

Posted April 6, 2013
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