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Singapore Prime Minister Lee: Resign from Office

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
Singapore Prime Minister Lee: Resign from Office


Why this is important

Last Week, PM Lee said: Singapore belongs to everyone staying here, including the foreigners on work passes.

Singapore belongs to Singaporeans! No other country would tell the whole world that their country belongs to the world and not reserved for their citizens. Try asking other countries, eg Malaysia, Indonesia, US, England, Australia etc.

It's making mockery of Singaporean and the statement had belittle Singaporean.

If Singapore belong to foreigners as well, then we should be treated equally as foreigners:
1) No NS for Singaporean Male Citizens
2) No Contributions of CPF

As such, It's a disgrace of a Prime Minister of Singapore to have made such a statement!

In this petition, we petition on the followings:
1) PM Lee to retract the statement
2) PM Lee to apologize for the statement
3) Resign from Office
4) Call for an election

Posted May 4, 2014
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