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South Korean Food Torture Culture - dogs & cats boiled alive for ancient tonics and elixirs

South Korean Food Torture Culture - dogs & cats boiled alive for ancient tonics and elixirs


Why this is important

South Korea is a UN country. The UN held their conference about #post2015 in #seoul2015 to discuss the new millenium. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of cats and dogs are cooked alive, for ancient tonics and medicines. There is no law in sKorea for dogs and cats.

SKorean President is in London Nov 5/7 to the Queen, as arranged by the Foreign Office. Please address the issue of food torture culture. The British have officially petitioned Hugo Swire and Foreign Office to address this issue of steam cooking cats alive, cooking dogs alive. To do more this time. Not just say, we dont like it. but the UN has no say, in the worlds animals. So?? that means it should just continue?? no!

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, we believe this needs to be addressed by the UN. It is high time the UN took better charge of the animal kingdom. It is clear that South Koreans member states have failed in their agreements. Teaching kids to torture is unacceptable.

UN good governance and civil society and culture of peace, is what you say you want?

Banki Moon advocates for all of the above, and this is his own country - children are also being encouraged to torture and boil dogs alive, Photographing the events on their samsung phones and uploading to the world. This must be eardicated and not passed on to his #UN Millenium Youth. You will see the photos, for your information. Samsung are the world leaders in technology and phone sales. With a special award by the Queen, yet the big bosses probably feast on tortured dog soup as well. If such a country is so ahead with its technology and education, why are the people still demanding tortured meat. We will be talking to the Cambridge Declaration also.

As well as other high level world organizations. Animals are sentient beings. No animal should be boiled alive, for ancient tonics and remedies, in a UN country.

Posted October 8, 2013
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