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Stop Human Rights Violations in Sudan 

Stop Human Rights Violations in Sudan 


Why this is important

September 2013 saw hoards of people taking to the streets of Sudan in protest, sparked by the government’s lift on fuel subsidies in the already impoverished country. More than two hundreds people, mostly youth, were shot to death by Sudanese police and intelligence forces. Guns aimed at chests and head which indicates that the aim was "shoot to kill." Sudanese government showed  no remorse or any sense of responsibility.  Moreover, there are more that 800 detainees (political activists and protesters) who are subject to torture and intimidation behind bars. Detainees are not allowed to visitations with their families or lawyers. You support could help in bringing justice, rescuing a detainee, and elevating freedom of press conditions. You could help bringing those who committed crimes against civilians before court. 
Posted October 18, 2013
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