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Stop the Great Bull Run in the Houston Area

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Stop the Great Bull Run in the Houston Area


Why this is important

The Great Bull Run will bring the spectacle of animal cruelty to the Houston area on December 7th, 2013, forcing frightened, agitated bulls to run along an enclosed track for the supposed amusement of humans, endangering lives and the city’s reputation. Bull runs are dangerous events for both humans and animals, with guaranteed injuries and occasional human fatalities.

Bulls have no instinct to pursue humans aggressively. They must be forced to chase people through systematic confinement, and are often physically abused by participants. The abuse of these naturally peaceful animals for sport is waning even in its homeland of Spain—this is no time for Baytown and the Royal Purple Raceway to blacken its reputation by allowing such archaic animal abuse as “entertainment.”

Thank you for signing this petition. PLEASE also politely contact the county’s administrative officials and tell them to ban running bulls! After talking to officials in Baytown, we were told that this matter falls into the county's hands since the raceway is outside the Baytown city limits.

Royal Purple Raceway: phone # 281-383-7223

Chambers County Commissioners (general phone number 409.267.2400 -- at prompt, press 5)

Commissioner Mark Huddleston, Precinct 1: [email protected]

Commissioner David "Bubba" Abernathy, Precinct 2: [email protected]

Commissioner Gary R. Nelson, Precinct 3: [email protected]

Commissioner A.R. "Rusty" Senac, Precinct 4: [email protected]

Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia: [email protected]

Maybe we can contact nearby Baytown city officials to put pressure on the county to ban this event!

Baytown Mayor: Stephen H. DonCarlos, phone # 281-420-6550, email [email protected]

Baytown City Council: Find your councilperson at

Posted October 18, 2013
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