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Stop the slaughtering of Sweden´s wild animals!

Stop the slaughtering of Sweden´s wild animals!


Why this is important

The Swedish government has come up with a proposal to reduce the numbers (with an overall number of almost 4900 animals) of the following predators: wolves, lynx, bears, wolverines and golden eagles. We already have very few predators in Sweden compared to what we should have. The proposal is not based on science and it also runs against the Habitats and Species Directive. We want the proposal voted down and that a new proposal will be presented that is based on science and that complies with EU laws.

We have about 350 wolves in Sweden, they want to reduce the number to 170, even though research shows that we need at least 700 wolves to have a healthy and strong wolf population.

Environment Minister Lena Ek has admitted that there is incorrect information in the proposal and this is what she had to say about that: "Lagt kort ligger även om det är fel kort - Which means something like: "The proposal is made and it stays that way even if it contains incorrect numbers and information.

Sign the petition if you want them to modify the proposal and base it on science instead of what they think is appropriate.

Posted September 19, 2013
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