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Stop Kaliwerk Zielitz to destroy more than 200 hectare of woods!

Stop Kaliwerk Zielitz to destroy more than 200 hectare of woods!


Why this is important to me

Multinationals should stop destroying this world for their own benefits!

More than 200 hectare of beautiful, protected woods (Naturschutzgebiet) will be replaced by mining garbage, just because any other way to dispose of their waste will cost them more money.

They don't care about what is really important in this world. Nature, animals and people don't mean a thing to them. It's all about profit. Naturschutzgebiet? Who cares? Dumping garbage up to 500 meters from the doorsteps of a beautiful 19th century castle ( under German Denkmalschutz? No problem with that!

It's disgusting!! And we, the people, who are not part of the multi-million dollar industry, need to put a stop to guys like these, raping our planet to fill their pockets with money!!

WE SAY NO!!!!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Please help us to preserve this little piece of beauty on Mother Earth!!

It's still not too late...
Posted February 13, 2014
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