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"The Huffington Post Japan " should publish this report ( Pilot Whales ,mother and baby) of Taiji to the Japanese reader

"The Huffington Post Japan " should publish this report ( Pilot Whales ,mother and baby) of Taiji to the Japanese reader


Why this is important

*Photo ; Pilot Whales, mother and calf, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


"Boycott "World heritage; Kumano "as a tourist. As long as Taiji / Wakayama P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphins, small whales. Why do I recommend the boycott of Kumano?"

Getting worse and worse....
Their greed of dolphin use as " resources " does not stop.
They express a dolphin as "marine resources" frequently.
A slaughter, dealing, a slave,,,,,, anything they want .
Strategy (oppose to a boycott ) of organizations of is spread to people as Stereotype.
Wakayama whaling industry is sly and skillful more than oversea organizations think.

Please help.
The Petitions of Boycott " World Heritage in japan " for saving whale and dolphin.
"My boycott theory " is "Negotiation between Wakayama Prefecture ( kumano,taiji )and the world ".
Continuation of slaughter ? or Tourists from overseas ?


"The Huffington Post Japan " should publish this report of Taiji to the Japanese readers.

This global delivery report system is a wrong !_____________________________________________________

These miserable photographs were published by "The Huffington Post uk Edition".

"Sea Turns Red With Blood As Whales Are Butchered To Death In Japan (PICTURES)"

However" Huffington Post Japan Edition" does not publish this report.
It is a Japanese that has to consider this issue most.
Japanese people should take to look at these photographs most !!!!!!

If "The Huffington Post Japan" is a branch of The Huffington Post, if the name of Huffington Post is used.
"The Huffington Post Japan" should publish this report of Taiji to the Japanese reader.
"The Huffington Post" publishes a whale and a dolphin issue frequently. The Huffington Post Japan" reports only the report of whaling protection.
Like other Japanese media, "The Huffington Post Japan" is not fair at all . Although this is the act in Japan, this report is not published by the Japan edition why?
This has controlled information clearly.

Japanese people has been deprived of the opportunity to take a whale issue into consideration by such manipulation of information.
Truth has always been concealed to the Japanese who has to consider this slaughter truly.
The overseas protection organization has pointed out this manipulation of information for long time.
please read more.

* ICR Institute of Cetacean Research ( Criticism to publicity work )
"In practice, They are a public-relations organization of whaling promotion. General business expense abbreviation of 730 million yen. About 530 million yen are spent on the public relations cost."
; Shigeki Matuura (Chief editor / The Huffington Post japan )
[email protected]
; Ms. Arianna Huffington (editor-in-chief /The Huffington Post )
[email protected]
; Mr.Tim Armstrong
(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Director /AOL , CEO/The Huffington Post)
[email protected]
;The Huffington Post uk
[email protected]
Many precious information are given by the overseas protection organization.
However, many informations is censored and Japanese major media are not reported to general Japanese.

Many Japanese do not know the anger and sadness to Taiji from overseas.

If it is an intention of the Japanese government, it has succeeded until now. However, it is different after this.Only overseas media, protection organization, and people can knock down strong media of Japan.

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to "the anti-whaling country, ngo, npo,overseas media and Journalist, specialist, and individual" who are doing hard work for ending of japanese whaling.
love you.

For Baby Pilot whale and The killed family .

Posted September 17, 2013
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