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The Indian Government: Jesus of Nazereth is not a Demon

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The Indian Government: Jesus of Nazereth is not a Demon


Why this is important

The adjective 'hevaan' or 'demon,' was used for Jesus of Nazereth in a Gujarat State School Textbook.

The government declared this to be a mistake and said that the error would be corrected. They did not give a deadline.

A month has passed and nothing has been done about it.

If you are a Christian, a Muslim or a person who supports religious tolerance I would ask you to support this campaign to correct this 'Mistake' sooner rather than later.

Asking them to up hold the constitutional support of minority religions.

1% of Indians are Christians and that is about 12,000,000 people.

Read either of the two links for more information:‐school‐textbook‐calls‐Jesus‐a‐demon

Posted June 26, 2017
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