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Stop the Industry Takeover of Our Toxic Chemical Safety Laws

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Stop the Industry Takeover of Our Toxic Chemical Safety Laws


Why this is important

We're constantly being exposed to toxic chemicals in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities. The problem is so bad that over 300 chemicals were found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns, meaning that babies are being exposed to toxic chemicals even before they're born.

Chemical industry giants, like Dow and DuPont, have gotten rich by blocking oversight and reform in Washington, DC. Although they manufacture over 80,000 chemicals for use in products and work places, only a tiny fraction have ever been tested for their safety. Meanwhile, rates of cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, infertility, asthma, and countless other health problems are on the rise. Industry has even blocked a ban on asbestos—which kills 10,000 Americans each year.

The chemical industry has spent over $190 million lobbying Congress over the last three years, and now it looks like it's paying off. Industry is supporting a bill (S. 697) that would undermine our already weak protections and prevent states from banning toxic chemicals, but right now we have a chance to stop them.

We don't need Congress to focus on protecting the chemical industry—we need them to focus on protecting our health and safety. Take action right now and urge Congress to strongly oppose the takeover of state toxic chemical safety laws (S.697), and any bill that puts chemical industry profits ahead of people’s health.

Posted April 6, 2015
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