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To accept the principle of sharing and act

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
To accept the principle of sharing and act


Why this is important

Although we are so different, humanity is but one family. We all share our common home - planet Earth. We need to realize that we cannot live peacefully together, if we compete with each other for the Earth’s goods.

Commercialization, based on competition, selfishness and greed, is becoming the main principle of our societies. Because of commercialization there are more than 800 million people hungry worldwide, and every day around 40,000 people die from avoidable poverty-related causes. Because of commercialization we now live on the brink of disaster.

Instead of destructive commercialization, we must recognize sharing as a key principle that governs new economic relationships between nations. Food, water, air, soil, forests, energy resources; biodiversity and genes; education and healthcare, the Internet, cultural heritage and other “wealth of nations” are our common goods, belonging not just to some individuals, groups or nations, but to all humanity.

Sharing is the noble path to peace and prosperity, understanding and empathy between people of the world. We must unite together and tell our leaders to start sharing food, water and other key global resources. Let's make the movement for sharing unstoppable - add your voice by signing the petition!

Posted August 15, 2014
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