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The British Museum to return Marbles to Greece

The British Museum to return Marbles to Greece


Why this is important

The Cyprus News Agency, wanting to contribute to
the international campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their
natural environment, is undertaking an initiative to collect signatures to
achieve this aim.

The Parthenon Marbles are an indivisible part of one of the most important
monuments of world culture. Thus, these unique masterpieces can only assume
their true conceptual status in their natural and historical environment, as an
integral part of the Parthenon.

Two hundred years since they were stolen by Lord Elgin, the demand for their
return to their natural environment becomes even more imperative. Many efforts
have been made in the past, we know that they did not bear the desired results,
but no one should resign to this logic. The demand is ripe everyday and this is
the reason we are present in this effort.

The CNA Board of Directors calls on every organised group and every active
citizen to take part in the struggle for the return of the marbles to Greece.

By signing the Declaration, we raise the voice of reasoning for the return of
the marbles.

Everyday we say louder and louder: The Parthenon Marbles belong in their
natural environment.

Posted January 2, 2017
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