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To the friends and the benefactors of the discoverers of the CHAUVET Cave : a financial support

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To the friends and the benefactors of the discoverers of the CHAUVET Cave : a financial support


Why this is important

SOS Grotte Chauvet (Chauvet Cave)

The discoverers of the CHAUVET Cave cry for help

On 18th December 1994, we discovered the CHAUVET Cave and it has since been recognised as UNESCO World Heritage.
We protected it immediately and transferred it, untouched, to the French authorities. Right from the beginning, the State wanted to appropriate the cave’s discovery as its own through falsification of documents. We submitted our photos and videos for free and the State took us to court in order for this material to be taken away from us…

False rumours have been spread around and we have been publicly shamed. Fame causes jealousy and all sorts of greed.
Discovering the Chauvet Cave hasn’t made us rich as many people think but rather has led us to 20 years of tiring and expensive struggles with the aim of seeing our rights respected. We are, still today, abusively excluded from any partnership for the commercial reproduction of the Chauvet

The whole world admires this invaluable treasure but no one knows that the people who discovered it are being ill-treated in such a way.

As a result of a recent court hearing, we are now in great financial difficulty.

All our funds have run out and we need to raise 62 000 euros to prevent the court bailiff from confiscating our belongings
and even the house of one of the individuals concerned.

In this gloomy and discouraging context, we are calling on our friends and all those who wish to show their support to help us
financially ; and we are tremendously grateful to them.

The discoverers of the Chauvet Cave
Eliette Brunel, Jean-Marie Chauvet, Christian Hillaire

French cheques to be addressed to :
CBH, le Belvezet, PATROU,
F07700 St-Remèze
payable to « Indivision Chauvet/Brunel/Hillaire »

International transfers to IBAN accounts :
FR90 2004 1010 0710 1491 1 M03 825

Thank you for your help !

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Posted June 3, 2015
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