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Red Cross DENIES that MMS Cured 154 cases of Malaria!

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Red Cross DENIES that MMS Cured 154 cases of Malaria!


Why this is important

The RED CROSS, by denying their involvement with a case study using MMS, are committing the equivalent to GENOCIDE and must be stopped!!

They are doing this by keeping the truth about the healing power of Sodium Chlorite also known as MMS (water purification) away from the people or by misinforming the people about this amazing natural cure. Recently The Red Cross participated in a study that cured people of malaria within 24-48 hours using MMS and now they are denying it.

There are many other diseases that people are dying from every day...unnecessarily, diseases like AIDS, ALZHEIMERS, CANCER, fibromyalgia, AUTISM ...just to name a few here is a link listing many diseases that can be cured with the use of MMS

WE are calling on you to share this information to stop the big so called 'health' organizations from preventing this cure to be known.

Malaria alone kills about 1.2 million people per year and the cure is MMS, the pharmaceutical companies and doctors as well (as Red Cross) know the truth about MMS and yet they are keeping this information from the public and denying it's healing capabilities, therefore they are killing millions of people each year by keeping vital information of this MMS cure from them.

Let's get MMS into the hands of the people by sharing the information that will benefit them so they can live free of disease

MMS is the cure for MANY diseases, and this has been proven all over the world. It is very inexpensive and because it is a natural product these big organizations/corporations cannot make their Billions of dollars from it or any other natural herbal remedies.

SIGN this petition and pass on the links as well as the petition to as many people as possible, put this on Facebook and Twitter and EVERY possible social media in order to save lives.


International Committee of the Red Cross

19 Avenue de la paix CH 1202 Geneva

Tel: +41 22 734 60 01

Fax: +41 22 733 20 57

Educate everyone that you know about MMS by watching this video and share it...go to their website and do the research.

Truth can afford to be examined and must be in order to stand. Please stand for truth and heal our world from many of the diseases that are plaguing the people everywhere...
the duty of all mankind is to Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly before the Almighty Creator.

Posted July 18, 2013
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