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UNESCO: Inscribe 'Immigration' on the World Intangible Heritage List

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UNESCO: Inscribe 'Immigration' on the World Intangible Heritage List


Why this is important

The acknowledgment of the endless benefits of Immigration needs to happen in a way that shouldn't be disputed. Often perceived in a negative way in most political discourses and in many public opinions, immigration is actually the main factor for the enrichment of the human specie, the vector of creativity and inventiveness, the condition for survival and thrive. It is undeniable. It is also a universal right.
It will save us all a lot of time for discussing real problems during political campaigns for instance if we agree once and for all, that immigration is not up for debate.
The "Outstanding Universal Value" of immigration is constantly under threat, in particular in moments of economic crisis when far-right groups and political parties will use it to stigmatize particular populations and identify it as the source of all problems.
Recognizing the heritage of Immigration, acknowledging that it has actually made the world a better place for every culture that has been open to it will send a strong message to everyone that still consider this as a problem.
Finally, considering immigration undeniable and positive will help populations who are currently transiting go through the difficulties and the pains of their journey. They will be welcome and supported wherever they go in order to alleviate the broken hearts and the social and financial adjustments that can come from leaving one's own country.

To know more about UNESCO World Intangible Heritage:

About the petition author: I'm Joëlle, French citizen, daughter of immigrants, unaffiliated with political parties and organisations. When I define myself politically, I am feminist, nomad, human and civil rights supporter, libertarian, environmentalist, inclusive, and a free will freak. I work as an artist, designer and human-computer interaction researcher.

Image credits: Screenshot taken without permission from the video animation "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" by the Human Rights Action Center from 2008 and available on YouTube. I can take the image down at anytime if its use is an issue with this campaign.

Posted May 17, 2014
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