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UN: Establish a global wealth cap of $1 billion US per person.

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UN: Establish a global wealth cap of $1 billion US per person.


Why this is important

Billions are stuck in poverty and misery simply to feed the egos of a few thousand whose wealth-building addictions are out of control. Their insatiable lusts for more corrupt our governments, ruin our economies, and pollute our environments. That they are allowed to do so with impunity rests upon the completely unfounded notion that somehow there exists an individual's right to unlimited wealth and power at the expense of everyone else.

No such right exists. Wealth-building is a commercial behavior, and like all human behaviors, can be taken to extremes that harm society. When such harmful extremes are evidenced, society as a right to pass laws to regulate the behavior to mitigate the harm it can do. Unregulated wealth-building addictions have nearly collapsed the global economies and driven the world into painful austerity for billions of people to allow the addicts to continue to compete for the title of richest in the world.

The solution is simple: CAP WEALTH.

Leave capitalism to do the things it does best, but put a ceiling on wealth accumulation so that those who actually produce the wealth can partake of it. Mandate economic retirement when a person accumulates a fortune of $1 billion US. At that point, any financial instruments owned by the billionaire will no longer pay dividends, no pay, perks or other forms of remuneration shall be receivable by them, and any stocks or other properties whose value rises will be sold to maintain the limit, the proceeds donated to a charity/charities of the former owner's choice.

This change will allow corporations to pay living wages to all, curtail their power and influence, and spark a booming economy.

There exists no right to unlimited wealth and power, but there does exist a right to life and inherent in the right to life is a right to have a DECENT life that includes adequate food, shelter, education, clothing, and medical care.

Placing a $1 billion US cap on wealth harms no one in any material way, and would improve the lot of billions. A wealth cap would eliminate many of the economic and social ills of the world, provide cleaner governments, a better global economy and better environments. Allow those over cap four years to rid themselves of their excess by donating it tax-free to charities, non-profits, and educational institutions of their choice.

Posted July 21, 2013
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