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United Nations Security Council: Impose economic sanctions on Japan.

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United Nations Security Council: Impose economic sanctions on Japan.


Why this is important

Japan stubbornly continues its political course of arrogant unilateralism. Examples of this include:

- The recent passing of Japan's new State Secrecy Law.

- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's regular visits to Yasukuni Shrine, Japan's still outstanding written apology for the Nanking Massacre, as well as this episode of history being largely absent in Japanese school teachings.

- The Whaling Issue with Japan having taken over one million cetaceans in the post-WWII era, as of 1986 in contempt of the International Whaling Commission's Moratorium on Whaling, and as of 1994 in contempt of the internationally established Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, actions for which Japan in 2013 has been taken to the International Criminal Court. (

- Furthermore within the above issue, Japan's violation of a series of internationally guaranteed human rights according to a working group of the United Nations Human Rights Council UNHRC. ( as well as

- Japan's latest demonstration of force that it will continue its government-fabricated tradition of the Taiji Genocide and captive cetacean trade, in spite of worldwide outrage as well as dangerously high proven toxic levels of the meet, which is even being sold off for school lunches. ( Taijigate is the latest allegory of Japan's mounting totalitarianism and should serve as a warning signal to all democracies around the world. (

For the above reasons, we request the United Nations Security Council to impose economic sanctions on Japan, for the whole duration of time it requires to comply with international law and multilateralism, and restore Japan's status to a grand and developed nation functioning as a role-model.

Posted January 22, 2014
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