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Vladimir Putin: Polar Bear Sanctuary

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Vladimir Putin: Polar Bear Sanctuary


Why this is important

His Excellency President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin,

Create the First Russian Polar Bear Sanctuary

Create Sanctuary in Russia to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned polar
bear cubs they are being exported out of Russia and are
suffering in zoos and aquariums in the world.

In the recent years, the polar bears have been
the symbol of several campaigns about how the Arctic is being affected by
climate changes. However, even with the threat of polar bears extinction, they
continue to die; due to famine and poaching, and the forced imprisonment that
is imposed to orphaned cubs, which are taken to zoos where they lose their
ability to reproduce and their instincts.

Recently, a couple of polar bears was placed in
wooden boxes, where they stayed for days without water or food, being
transported from Russia to Brazil.

Aurora, a female polar bear, was removed from
nature for four months of life together with her sister, after her mother was
killed by hunters. They were taken to the Royev Ruchey Zoo in Krasnoyarsk where
they were breastfed. But instead of being reintroduced into the wildlife, they
were separated and Aurora was sent to the Udmurtia zoo in Izhevsk city, to
become the wife of the Pilgrim male Polar Bear, name chosen due to the fact
that with only three years of life he had been in four Russian zoos, which
received the animal without having a proper enclosure for host him.

And there are indications that the male polar
bear is not owned by the Kazan zoo, which may also have been born in the wild

In the Izhevsk zoo, Aurora and Pilgrim lived
comfortably for three years in a 17.700 ft³ pool until December 2014, when they
were boxed and shipped to “live” in ‘seaworld’ indoors aquarium in the São
Paulo city – Brazil country, which faces an unprecedented and without deadline
water crisis. Please order the couple polar bear Aurora and Pilgrim, return to their
mother country - Russia.

Like Aurora, dozens of other polar bear orphans
were removed from the wildlife to be breastfed and have never been reintroduced
to nature. Protected and under the ownership of parks and zoos that aim only to
breed cubs in order to attract more visitors, - while at the same time send the
adolescents and adults polar bears to live in other establishments, which aim
human entertainment more than the welfare of the species, polar bears get sick,
they mutilate themselves and live repeating their movements in the dance of

Polar bears belong to the Ursidae family, which
includes black and brown bears and pandas. For all other members of bears
family, there are shrines, where bears are fed, treated and recovered to be
reintroduced into the wildlife. For all, except the polar bear, which according
to data from the Expert Group on polar bears - PBSG, there has been seen only
8,606 polar bears in the last 10 years.

In the wildlife, polar bears are able to
reproduce in a much larger number of brood than when living in captivity. While
in the wildlife from two to three cubs are born in each gestation, within the
captivity the gestation of a polar bear produces a single calf - where only one
survives each three births in zoos.

So we ask the support of all people around the
world in order to create the first sanctuary for polar bears; a location within
a protected reserve in the tundra, their natural habitat where polar bears and
their orphans can live and be fed at home, to return to live on average 40
years, as pointed out by the Russian Geographical Society.

As a statement of Kazan City Hall, the couple of
polar bears Aurora and Pilgrim would stay in Brazil only for two years, for
which we also ask to leave Brazil immediately, as these few months living on
Brazilian land they have already shown repetitive and stereotyped behaviors due
to they are in a completely different environment than living in Russia, which
was outdoors.

In Brazil, the polar bears are locked in an
aquarium – the Brazilian ‘seaworld’- a five-time smaller environment than
living in Russia, and completely unnatural for their species, does not meet the
recommended standards Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

The fact that the largest carnivore on Earth is
currently starving due to poaching of more than two million seals, the main
polar bears’ food; and the mortality due to diseases caused by pollution in the
Arctic polar circle, should be the main campaigns and projects’ theme that
envision the climate change issue.

At the current circumstances, the polar bears
will be extinct long before the ice of the Arctic melts.

Posted July 10, 2015
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