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Why this is important

This petition is vital I think for survival on Earth. All humans should share in the benefits of life evenly or as close as possible. I feel it's terrible for us humans to have on our conscience the destruction of this beautiful planet. Some would say why should I worry I'm just a 72 year old pensioner, I will soon be gone, but as science & spirituality is showing, we are all ONE in this human family. Also Professor James Lovelock says the whole planet is one organism GAIA. Maybe also it will be eventually proven we are even closer that that.

THE PETITION: To all world leaders everywhere, that we want a change from this current society of fear, greed & privilege, based on economics, which appears on the verge of collapse & certainly doesn't seem to be working, especially for the bulk of human society & in the process destroying the ecosystem that we rely on for survival. The current system has grown like a disease on the face of the earth, surely we as so called intelligent beings can design a system, in this day & age that is more inclusive & fair of human society, based on the best life possible for the greatest number of humans, instead of what is good for the bottom line & economics, surely humans have more value than how big the profit margin is. A system that can live within the bounds of the natural world without destroying it. If the society we lived in was fair, the reasons for terrorists & power struggles would be reduced. We need a human society based on LOVE, FAIRNESS & FRIENDSHIP not on POWER, GREED & PRIVILEGE. Currently we are led to believe that competition is the best motive, but if we wish to be the top, the best, we basically have to walk over everyone else or crush them in our way. One quote from someone I have seen of late was " The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday" Of course some will appear to loose out if such a world came to possibility, but just think if we carry on as is, probably EVERYONE WILL LOOSE OUT IN THE END. Granted it would be difficult, but not as difficult as if nothing is done.

Posted June 5, 2012
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