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We are Endangered! Save the Yukon ------------No Fracking !!!

We are Endangered! Save the Yukon ------------No Fracking !!!


Why this is important

Do we want the Yukon Territory, northern Canada’s unspoiled wilderness, to be in the hands of oil and gas development?

Until lately, most of this remote, sensitive land and habitat has been untouched.

Now, the oil and gas industry has a toehold in northern Yukon. They want to “frack” the Yukon. They also want to do business in the southern Yukon. And don't forget the Whitehorse Trough. It's on the hit list.

Do you want this?

This is ELECTION year - You Can make a Difference.

Let the Yukon government and all politicians know, in no uncertain terms, your opposition to this invasion.

“Fracking” (hydraulic/acid/fracturing/stimulation) is a method used in pulling oil and gas from the earth.

It is very destructive and polluting to water, land and air.
People, wildlife and fish are in danger!

“Fracking” raises greenhouse gases contributing to climate warming. There is danger from earthquakes, radiation, water pollution and more.

Do you want our Yukon to become an industrial complex?

Strong opposition from Yukon First Nations and the general public has stopped hydraulic fracturing so far.

BUT - Now, despite public opposition, the Yukon Territorial government wants to go ahead and allow “fracking”.

In consideration of world environmental issues, we fear this will endanger the people and the environment of the Yukon; it will add to the growing world environmental crises.

There should be a move to sustainable energy as an alternative to extraction methods.

For More please go to:

No Fracking in the Yukon!

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Posted March 14, 2015
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