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To national, local, and international leaders:

Scientists warn us that climate change could accelerate beyond our control, threatening our survival and everything we love. We call on you to keep global temperature rise under the unacceptably dangerous level of 2 degrees C, by phasing out carbon pollution to zero. To achieve this, you must urgently forge realistic global, national and local agreements, to rapidly shift our societies and economies to 100% clean energy by 2050. Do this fairly, with support to the most vulnerable among us. Our world is worth saving and now is our moment to act. But to change everything, we need everyone. Join us.

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Climate change is one of the biggest threats the world is facing, and right now our governments are in Paris for the most important climate summit this decade to decide how to address this global emergency.

Let’s keep building the largest Avaaz petition ever, for the only solution: mobilise the world to shift to 100% clean energy. Click on the right to add your name, then tell everyone -- it’ll be delivered to world leaders at the summit.

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