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Stand up for press freedom, demand transparency

To the government of Malaysia:

As citizens concerned about the allegations of corruption and the crackdown on media around 1MDB we call on you to urgently instruct an independent and public inquiry into the matter, and ensure it is free from any interference. We also urge you to stand up for press freedom by removing the censorship ban on the Edge and other publications for reporting evidence of corruption. 

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Recent signers

Stand up for press freedom, demand transparency

Malaysian authorities just shut down two newspapers for doing their job: investigating a possible $1.8 billion scam. Citizens have a right to know -- let's sound the alarm on this attack on press freedom!

Just weeks ago, bank accounts linked to Prime Minister Razak were frozen as part of an investigation into accusations that he was pocketing money intended for national development. Whether or not the allegations turn out to be true, silencing journalists when they raise uncomfortable questions isn't the way to address the issue. An independent public inquiry can shed light on the case. And with people already planning to take to the streets over the issue, a massive call from citizens could make it happen.

That's where Avaaz members in Malaysia come in. If everyone joins the call to protect press freedom and the country’s resources -- and then uses email or social media to recruit just one friend to join in -- we can create a call too loud to ignore. Sign now!

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