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24 hours to Save South Africa's Internet!

To the Film and Publication Board of South Africa:

As citizens across South Africa, concerned by attempts at internet censorship and limits to our digital democracy, we reject your draft online regulation policy. We call for the regulations to be completely set aside in order to protect our internet freedoms and the human rights enshrined in our constitution.  

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24 hours to Save South Africa's Internet!

A new set of regulations threatens the very essence of our internet freedom. They want to police and crack down on our digital democracy -- but we are thousands of South Africans getting this email and we have the power to bring down their barricades.

But we only have 24 hours to do it.

If the Film and Publication Board’s new internet regulations are implemented, they’d have the right to review and classify almost every blog, video, and personal website -- even Avaaz campaigns like this one. Think apartheid-era censorship, reloaded and super-charged for an all-out assault on our digital freedoms.

Public consultations end this week, and the FPB is on the back foot because their regulations have been so widely ridiculed -- a massive viral response could finally pull the plug on these dangerous regulations.

To make it happen, all of us need to sign and share urgently -- Avaazers make 1% of the internet users in South Africa so if each of us gets just one person to sign, we can reach 2%. If each of us gets 2 people to sign, we can get to 3%, etc etc. Sign now and share on Facebook, Twitter, email.. everywhere.

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