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72 hours to save the oceans

To EU leaders:

As concerned citizens from across the world, we urge you to champion an urgent rescue plan for the world's oceans now that will create new marine reserves to protect species and ecosystems and allow the ocean to replenish itself; revitalise fishstocks by ending overfishing and banning harmful subsidies; and establish an international binding treaty to protect life on the high seas. The oceans are dying, and this is our greatest opportunity to ensure their protection for future generations.

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72 hours to save the oceans
Overfishing is killing our oceans -- turning the magical and bountiful deep blue into a barren desert. But European leaders are pushing for a rescue plan, and we have just three days to get behind them to drive it through. 

Right now, down a dark corridor in the United Nations, countries are negotiating an oceans deal. Powerful industrial fishing nations are hoping the meeting will go unnoticed, and are lobbying to keep pillaging the seas. Our best hope is Europe to champion an ambitious emergency plan to save our oceans. But without huge public support for action now, the plan could be shelved and our oceans doomed to die. 

The talks end on Friday, let's call on Europe to be a global hero and save our seas. Sign the petition for an urgent oceans rescue plan and send this to everyone -- once we hit 500,000 signatures, we’ll deliver our demands straight into these closed-door talks!  


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