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Urgent - sign this appeal to defend the Amazon and Indigenous lands!

To the Brazilian Senate and to Brazilian President Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva:

We call on you to stop the vote on Bill 490/07 (named Bill 2903/2023 in the Senate), which will gut the government’s power to guard the rainforest, strip the rights of hundreds of Indigenous communities to their land, and roll back nearly 30 years of progress in protecting the Amazon and key biomes. This unconstitutional attack on the rights of Indigenous people must be rejected. We also demand that you immediately stop all attempts to undermine the Indigenous Peoples Ministry and the Environment Ministry of Brazil. Without them, there is no future for Brazil and its people.

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Urgent - sign this appeal to defend the Amazon and Indigenous lands!

Update - August 28, 2023

The bill to dispossess Indigenous peoples is being fast-tracked in the Brazilian Senate -- threatening the Amazon rainforest and all life on Earth! Indigenous Congresswoman Célia Xakriabá sent the appeal below in May, when the bill was in the lower house of Congress -- and more than 730,000 Avaaz members responded, winning a promise from the Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco that the Senate would consider consequences for human rights and the environment. 

But now he’s breaking his promise -- and we need to remind him that the world is STILL watching. Let’s be a million voices calling on Senator Pacheco to keep his word!


I am writing to you as one of the only Indigenous members of Congress in Brazil. This email could mean major political trouble for me, but our forests are being attacked in Congress right now…and this is worth the risk.

Last week, the Brazilian Congress began voting for a new law that will allow miners and tree cutters back into our forests and sacred lands, and it will remove protections for Indigenous people like me.

The key vote is today!!! This is an Amazon emergency and an Indigenous emergency. I need your help.

Our country is so divided that we need a truly global outcry from countries like yours that financially support Brazil to stop this law. The Brazilian Congress must feel the full weight of a global spotlight right now!

And this is about your life too.

Without the Amazon, and without the protection that Indigenous peoples' lands offer to our forests, rivers and precious species, there is no way we'll avoid global ecological apocalypse. This forest is the lungs for all of us.

Please sign this urgent call to stop the rainforest attack. I will deliver your voices inside the Brazilian congress and to President Lula myself. Will you stand with me and ensure my voice has even more power?

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