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A new plan to save the planet

To President Obama and all G8 leaders:

As concerned global citizens, we urge you to honour your previous commitments to end taxpayer handouts to the fossil fuel industry, and go a step further by re-directing that money into green climate solutions instead. To save our planet we need a game-changer now -- we call on you to first lead by example, and then make ending all polluter payments the top global priority for the Rio Earth Summit.

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Recent signers

A new plan to save the planet
It’s crazy, but right now, we give $1 trillion a year of our taxpayer money to actually pay Big Oil and Coal to kill our planet. But if we switch this money right now to green investment, we could fundamentally stop climate change!

It’s a no-brainer. The only reason we shovel cash into the coffers of Big Oil is their lobbyists have a stranglehold on our governments. But if we demand that our leaders green our tax-money, we’ll increase total global green investment by 400% making solar and wind energy cheaper than oil and coal, and save the planet by putting Big Oil out of business!

We can win this. US President Obama backs the idea in principle, and the G20 governments have supported it at least on paper. The challenge now is get them to match words with action. Key leaders are meeting at the G8 summit this weekend, let’s send them a massive public push to stop paying polluters, and invest massively in green technology to put Big Oil out of business and save the planet. Sign the petition on the right now and send this page to everyone.


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